The Team comprises of management and advisory members to make Holding LA a phenomenal enterprise that provides unparalleled excellence and experience in the multi-faceted aspects of real estate investment.
By effectively curating and coordinating best of breed collaborators, the Company makes market leading developments possible to enable us to maximize returns to all investors and stakeholders.

John Howard

t1John Howard is one of the most accomplished property developers, traders and investors in the UK today, with four decades of experience in the industry. John’s proficiency stems from the purchase and sale of over 3,500 houses, apartments and developments within the UK.

With a rental portfolio similar to many investors through his numerous property companies, John’s experience is vast; including traditional houses, hotels and large scheme developments. Having worked in residential and commercial property for many years, John has formed many valuable partnerships with leading industry contacts, adding breadth and depth to his expertise and knowledge.

The latest acquisition in John’s portfolio is a £26 million development funded by Homes England.

John and his business partners purchased Auction House UK in 2009. The company was developed significantly before the partners sold their shares in 2018. John is also director and shareholder of various property management companies, financial service providers and numerous estate agencies, including Fine and Country Norfolk and Exquisite Home. All of which provide an all-encompassing understanding of the property world. 



Nicholas Wallwork

t2Property Developer, International For Dummies Author and Entrepreneur

Nicholas Wallwork is a multi-millionaire real estate developer, successful entrepreneur, property and business mentor, author, TV personality and producer. He owns several thriving real estate businesses including the world’s largest international property forum

His latest books Investing In International Real Estate For Dummies and Brexit For Dummies are now available to buy on Amazon.


Steve Jacob

t3Stevie is a co-founder of Fabrik. From a young age he has been involved in construction allowing him to pick up a lot of useful site knowledge, which gives him an edge in his role today when on site at our development projects.

After working in construction for a number of years, Stevie moved into the city to work as a broker. This is where he found the mentor that completely altered his mindset and changed the path of his life, paving the way towards the formation of Fabrik. As a broker Stevie learned how to effectively work with investors and provide to their needs in a professional environment and understand from an investors point of view the importance of excellent customer care and service.

Bringing all the systems and business processes he learned whilst working as a broker, he came to the table at Fabrik and naturally suited the role of running of the operations side of the company. Stevie is a supporter profile within the Wealth Dynamics profiling system developed by Roger Hamilton, which means Stevie’s strengths lay in the behind the scenes systems and structuring parts of the business. Supporting others in their roles, helping solve any issues they may be facing, which allows them to perform their own role to maximum efficiency. Laying the foundations of structure before it’s needed.

Like Matt, Stevie has also invested in excess of £50,000 on his own property education and continued professional development to stay on top of the latest market strategies.

Naturally possessing a high level of business acumen, Stevie is positively bullish and forward
thinking in his approach to decision making. He recognised early the value in building strong asset and contract based companies which Fabrik represents across the board, in particular the Acquisition and Management company.

Outside of a formal environment, Stevie enjoys going to the gym regularly and spending real quality time with his family, especially his son Blake. He is also expecting another addition to the family in the form of another son in the summer of 2018.


Paul Nicholson

t4Paul created #TeamNico which consists of more than 35 people in his team and owns over £22,500,000 of real estate, In 2017, Paul’s team completed the £2,300,000 development Nicholson Lofts & the £2,400,000 Nicholson House Development in St Helens making him  the #1 ranked developer in the borough.Paul and his team specialise in high-end HMO, Student & office-to-residential conversions.

#TeamNico maintains a diverse inventory of exclusive listings and has built relationships with its 200 tenants. Combining these tools with an intimate knowledge of the market, Paul and his team are able to accomplish their goal of matching the right tenant for its developments with remarkable success.Paul is a frequent guest on the real estate segments of Property TV, Sky & many radio stations, and is often quoted in many press outlets.



t5I am the CEO of Holding LA. I am  entrepreneur and property investor .I also own and operate seven privately held companies and international properties.
I am offering you real estate opportunities that were never before available to the everyday investor, cutting out the middleman, and giving you the five benefits below:

Cash Flow
Amortization is used in the process of paying off debt through regular principal and interest payments over time. An amortization schedule is used to reduce the current balance on a loan, for example a mortgage or car loan, through installment payments. Second, amortization can also refer to the spreading out of capital expenses related to intangible assets over a specific duration – usually over the asset's useful life – for accounting and tax purposes.  
Tax Benefits
Leverage- Leverage is the use of debt (borrowed capital) in order to undertake an investment or project. The result is to multiply the potential returns from a  project.  

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