HOLDING LA leverages your financial resource, and you leverage our expertise, systems and networks for a secure and profitable outcome.

We provide our investors with a highly personalised approach. Our aim is to develop long term relationships based on mutual trust and respect, so that we help you build wealth through property, and you relax and enjoy the process of getting there.


We looking half -finished development projects around UK

  • Blocks of flats ,houses -destress  development projects . Projects where developers have financial problems. We are open for a JV partnership or we can buy these projects . Please contact us by email :la@holdingla.com 07375 64 1717

Prime Central London Properties

  • We looking purchase sites from £1m to £50m.  We look to purchase single unit and multi unit sites. Prime central London properties to buy develop out and resale at 20% margins after all costs any thing from £1m to 50m.   contact us : la@holdingla.com 

London Office Development Opportunities

  • We looking for Our client- Office development opportunities. Location Central London close to stations ,train stations office development 150-250t sqt , more information : la@holdingla.com

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